Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween '05

Here's a shot of the skunk, pumpkin and witch on their way out for trick or treating. This year we actually had a trick or treater. Lois et. al. were out on the town while I was cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes when a loud knock knock knock nearly gave me a heart attack. I turned around and a skull was peering in the kitchen window. . . second heart attack. I opened the door and a friendly baratone under the fiendish outfit said "trick or treat." A car was idleing up the road. It was a highschool kid out to cash in on Halloween. I'd bought an emergency bag of candy just in case (nobody has ever come in the four Halloweens we've been here.) I made my way out to the garage to get the bag from my car and was relieved to find that Lois and the kids were driving up as I handed over the loot. My little fiends had returned as this aberrant fiend made his way off to frighted others on Bonnyvale Road.